PLA COMPONENTS is reputed manufacturer of PLA Relays as per the general requirement of Electrical/Electronics Industries.
We at PLA manufacture wide range of Relays such as PlugIn relays, PCB mount relays, Power relays, Automotive relays, Reed relays & General purpose relays and Equivalent sockets as per the requirement.
PLA infrastructure is divided into various parts like Procurement, Manufacturing, Quality control, Sales and Marketing, R & D, Warehouse and Logistics.
It is a Matter of Pride that we have millions of our relays working in various Electronics, Industrial and Electrical Applications. We keep on introducing necessary new quality standards from time to time to produce better product.
Number of relays with stringent technical specifications are developed for Defense organization, Railways, Mobile towers, Diesel gensets, Power distribution panel, and SCADA application, Telephone Industries, Anti-pumping applications etc.
However, we have developed special relays to meet the specific requirement of clients keeping in mind its application use in particular circuit. This is our speciality.

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